About Us

man-looking-up-at-stars Best compliment of 2016

“You transported me to another world tonight.”

Annette Jordan  –Therapist and Co owner   

What Massage Therapy has taught me after 30 years of sharing my energy with a multitude of people.

First of all I believe that anyone who needs my touch will find me.

Secondly judgement does not belong on my table.

Finally – I love what I do!

Now the boring stuff, in June of 1986 I started working in a Physical Therapy clinic as a technician. They taught me a basic massage and the patients would often say that they felt the massage helped them the most. Patients would request me to do their massage portion of the treatment on a regular basis, I was a natural as some would say.

After that I went to school at Health Enrichment Center, graduated as a Certified Massage Therapist and then spent another year there in the graduate program. I have been in the medical end of the field for most of my career.

My training includes Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish, sports, Shiatsu, Reflexology, infant, prenatal, aromatherapy, polarity, lymphatic drainage and myofascial release. I use many different techniques during any one massage to give a therapeutic massage that is designed for you.

I have now decided to go out on my own. Not entirely on my own, having my husband literally by my side, as he is now a Licensed Massage Therapist, with our son joining the team answering phones when we are not able to. We are a family business, hoping to help you find some peace one hour at a time.

Darin Jordan  – therapist and Co owner

I am a Licensed massage  therapist and  Annette’s spouse of 33 years (well we did date for the first 8 years, we aren’t quite that old.    (yep still hear about the 8 years from time to time).

People  always told me, that was a better massage than I usually pay for .  I just laughed and smiled. Then I  became serious about it and decided to go to school for Massage Therapy.

I  graduated from Health Enrichment Center in June 2014. When Michigan introduced licensing for massage therapists.  I have been self employed and  working in a fast paced chain massage clinic.  With growing a steady clientele since  that graduation . This has allowed me to get more valuable experience in a short time.

Helping people relax, unwind and feel more alive with less or no pain. That’s very rewarding, I am doing a job I love to do, with positive results in a short time. At the end of the day I can see the results of my work. Positive results one body at a time.