Testimonials and reviews speak volumes for any business and we would like to thank all of our wonderful clients that have been so kind to honor us with their kind words.

“My wife, Linda, has suffered from severe pain, numbness, and diminished range of motion in her back and legs for many years. She has been under the care of medical practitioners and adjunctive caregivers which include orthopedic, neurologic, pain management and acupuncture specialists. Linda has also undergone surgical procedures, physical therapy, steroid injections, and takes various pain medications and muscle relaxants in an attempt to obtain some relief from the associated muscle spasm, weakness, and impaired mobility.
Annette Jordan has been an integral part of Linda’s care for many years. Her massages have definitely helped Linda by lessening her pain and discomfort, as well as increasing her overall mobility.
Annette also explains how emotional stress causes many of the negative issues that affect our well-being, and how to minimize its effects.
And so, it was by Linda’s recommendation that I began availing myself of Annette’s massage treatments while recuperating from cardiac surgery.
Whereas Linda had been receiving massages for various issues over many years, I had no experience with massage therapy prior to my surgery. I wasn’t sure if it would help. I had so many post-surgical issues, including, shortness of breath, muscle weakness, spasms, edema, poor circulation, and general atrophy.
With my first treatment I realized Annette seemed to know intuitively which areas were causing the most trouble, even without me telling her.
Over the past year, Annette’s treatments have significantly improved my quality of life. I am now able to breathe more deeply and I have much more energy ( I even started back on a regular exercise program, which was beyond my capabilities a few months ago). Her massages have also provided much improvement in other ways, including increasing the time and quality of sleep, which had been an ongoing issue for many years.

Linda and I highly recommend Annette Jordan to anyone seeking relief from pain and impaired mobility and circulation whether from physical or emotionally stressful causes. Her treatments have positively impacted our ability to perform the activities of daily living as well as our emotional well-being. She is not only technically superb, but is compassionate, attentive, and sensitive to her client’s emotional needs.”

– Dr. Fredric H. Gold


“Annette is amazing! She is a true healer by nature. I had a few issues in the past 10 years that I thought I would need surgery. Because of her extensive knowledge in massage therapy, she has shown me that I do have other options .She listens to your issues and works on it with you. Thanks for always being avaliable even if it is a last minute appointment.”

– Shannon B.


“Annette is a Top Notch massage therapist! Based on my Chiropractors recommendation, I found Annette and began massage therapy as a next step in my rehab.  The first visit is letting your muscles get acquainted with therapy and every visit thereafter has been significant progress.  Now on my 5th visit, my muscular skeletal system is no longer fighting one another.  My pelvis was misaligned at the beginning as a result of muscle tightness, and this misalignment was causing me severe back pain.  After 4 visits, my pelvis alignment is near excellent and my flexibility is significantly improved.  My back pain is largely gone.

Would I recommend Annette?  Yes! Annette is highly educated in Massage Therapy and has spent most of her career in the physical therapy side of massage.  This results in Annette knowing how to manage your situation and using expert massage methods to fix your ailments.  I would never accept anyone with lesser experience and credentials when it comes to taking care of my body.”

– James S. Yelp


“I have received two massages from Annette and will most definitely be receiving more! I didn’t even have to tell Annette where my discomfort was, she just went straight to it, working confidently with the perfect depth of pressure and utilizing movement when appropriate. Her years of experience emanate from her hands and forearms. Both full body sessions left me able to walk away from the table looser and without feeling that residual stiffness that I sometimes get from other body workers. Do not miss out, schedule with Annette!”

– Mel O. Yelp


“It is so difficult to find a phenomenal massage therapist. One reason is it is a pretty significant outlay of money, especially if you get the “fluff and buff” treatment. As a connoisseur of massages, I feel blessed to have found Annette! She is one of the best, if not THE BEST massage I have gotten ~ I have been getting massages for 16 years. Run, don’t walk to her… her focus is therapeutic massage and she knows what you need. Thanks Annette, I’ll be back … again, and again, and AGAIN!”

– Karen D. Yelp


“I have been getting regular massages by Annette over the last couple years. I exercise regularly and tend to always be a “little sore”. I have since been getting monthly massages by Annette which has truly changed my life. Not only do I feel great afterwards but I believe it has helped with health maintenance. Annette is professional, an excellent massage therapist and her pricing is quite reasonable. Additionally she has a background in physical therapy and often gives me appropriate exercises to stretch muscles that tend to be “tight”. I highly recommend Annette whether you prefer deep or lighter tissue massage.

-Dr. Sam Gun


Darin really does an amazing relaxing massage, but also focuses on my stress points. I’ve been with Darin for the past two years and would follow him anywhere. He and Annette are personal and very professional. Darin is the best!

-Mandie W. FaceBook


One of the best massages I have ever had! Annette was amazing!

-Trisha F. FaceBook


Just enjoyed a great hand massage by Annette. Very relaxing, Thx!

-Tonya J. FaceBook


Annette is the best massage therapist I have ever known.

-Joyce K. FaceBook


After a back injury, Annette got me back up and moving. She is a miracle worker!!

-Joyce K. Yelp


LOVE HER! I have been going to Annette since 2009. I was involved in a very bad car accident and she made me whole again, I would not feel as good as I do if not for her! There is no one better, she is fabulous and so incredibly knowledgeable! No matter what aches or pains I have that day (now that I am back to living a very active life) she continues to make me feel like I have a brand new body every time! She’s a miracle worker!

-Amanda L. Yelp


I had a 30 minute massage with Annette today that was amazing. The space was clean and beautiful. Easy to find and plenty of parking (free). She has a great technique and pressure. I left feeling very relaxed and literally breathing deeper. I would highly recommend and will definitely return.

-Mary B. Yelp


Annette is wonderful!! Really concentrates on the areas that need relief. She’s been a godsend to me for relieving my pains. I highly recommend!!

-Meghan K. Yelp


Great massage. I saw Darin and it was absolutely amazing and so relaxing. I’ll be back!!

-Chiina W. Yelp


I’ve been getting massages from Annette for a very long time and her hands are a godsend. Her office is very comfortable, she always makes me feel at home. Also her husband is a massage therapist, so you people out there that want a man to do your massage call Annette and request to see Darin, he also does a fabulous job.

-Edward M. Yelp


So happy I found Darin – someone who knows what they are doing!! Highly recommend hime!! He is very professional as well.

-Lizs Duronio Google


An amazing masseuse who knows what she’s doing! I love seeing her for maintenance when I can but when I am having an issues, she knows exactly how to address them and get me back on track. Couldn’t recommend any more highly.

-Lara C. Google


I have been getting massages for many years and have never found someone who does the really good therapeutic body work like Annette. She has helped me with many kinds of aches and pains (yes and it is relaxing too but not the reason I get treatments) and I can’t imagine functioning at the level I do without regular massages from her. On top of that she is so kind and optimistic it makes the entire experience wonderful! Thank you Annette

-Renee C. Google


Been getting massages from Annette for a while now. I’m an electrical contractor, and am often plagued with lower and mid back pain. The first time I saw her, I couldn’t believe the difference. It may sound like an exaggeration, (it’s not) but when she finished. I swear I could see colors more vividly. My lower back felt UH-MAZING! The pain I had been feeling…Gone! I see her every 3 weeks or so, and I always look forward to it.

-Aaron G. Google