What type of massage do I do?

breathe-deeply-massageThis is a harder question than it appears to be. I guess it is the type of massage I do. Everyones body and muscles are different. Sure we all have the same basic blueprint as far as things go. But like fingerprints our bodies are different along with our needs, our stresses, aches, pains and so forth.
The massage I do depends on that person on my table at that time. Fortunately for any of my clients I have a vast array of styles and techniques to choose from. Depending on my clients
needs at that time.
I was taught many different techniques and formed a kind of eclectic (all in one)Therapeutic type style. I had teachers from as far away as China to ones here locally. All very good and with a different type massage and style (even if it was classified as the same type massage). So to narrow down the type of massage is impossible for me. It is what is best for my client and what they want.
If they need some Lymphatic Drain or Reflexology after a surgery, that becomes part of the massage , or stretching for the runner with focus on the lower extremities, (a sport type massage) and there is just palliative massage for that end of life care. There are many different types of aches and pains in our body’s almost as many techniques and styles of massage to use to alleviate those aches and pains.
Our lives dictate how we feel. Our jobs, family and the life style we live. They all have some sort of stress associated with them. I just try the best method I know to reduce the stress. Focusing on any particular areas of concern my clients may have. With the many tools and forms of massage I have learned.
I don’t fix people , I facilitate a change so their body can hopefully start to repair or adjust itself to a better level of well being.
A more relaxed state for recovery so to speak. A better balance or focus for some. The technical term would be “Adjusting a persons Homeostasis “.


Darin Jordan L.M.T.

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